Core Offerings

Which Card Will You Play? – How the Think Strategically
Sharp Arrow – How to Generate New Business
Outpacing the
Competition – How to Leverage Intellectual Property
Set a direction that makes sense, reduce the unnecessary risks, and address challenges on the way to your goal.
1. “Which Card Will You Play?” – How the Think Strategically
Initiate sales conversations with qualified decision-makers in order to have the opportunity to close sales. (Most sales are won or lost at first contact, not at the close.)
2. “Sharp Arrow” – How to Generate New Business
Leverage and protect your good ideas from people who would otherwise copy and use them without your license to do so.
Outpacing the Competition” – How to Leverage and Protect Intellectual Property

Strategy Innovators

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In the background of our work we advise on proposal and presentation editing to ensure that other parties receive and understand the messages that you want to communicate. This advisory work includes developing both written and video materials.
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