About Us

Strategy Innovators is a company focused on the creation and execution of strategies for difficult challenges. Our core expertise is on the fundamentals of strategy itself, and we work by overlaying that expertise with the professional discipline expertise of you and your advisors.

Robert is a frequent speaker and presenter for business, legal, and military organizations. He is also a filmmaker where he puts his ideas into practice with dangerous sharks (www.allfinson.com). Robert has advised on strategy for corporations, law firms, the military, Hollywood, and government intelligence.

Strategy Innovators crafts solutions around universal principles of strategy designed to take the mystery out of what comprises a good strategy. We divide our work into three components:

  1. The strategy - What you should do
  2. The plan - How you can do it
  3. Processes - Tools to streamline thought and reduce risk

The idea is to look at where you are now, where you would like to be, and then set a direction for arriving there. That direction is often filled with uncertainty and risk. Your strategy should raise your probability for arriving at your destination and in good order. While you cannot eliminate all of your uncertainties and risks, you can eliminate unnecessary risks so that you can focus your talent on those uncertainties and risk that must remain.

Strategy Innovators

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Robert Cantrell, Principal Strategy Innovators
2012 Strategy Innovators
2003 book about a popular but often misunderstood strategy text