“Which Card Will You Play?” – How to Think Strategically

Which Card Will You Play? - How to Think Stratregically
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Strategy is about setting goals and directions that make sense for individuals and enterprises, and then finding a way to reach goals despite the many challenges that will arise. “Which Card Will You Play?” focuses on how to handle challenges, particularly those brought about by people and events that work against your interests. It further explores ways to make the best use of limited resources and how to raise the pace of proficient decision-making necessary to gain and maintain the initiative. All of this is put into context with your particulary professional discipline. The core philosophy is to successively reduce unnecessary risks so that you can focus creativity on those uncertainties that have to remain.
Benefits you can expect to see:

  1. Higher success rates
  2. Fewer mistakes
  3. Lower overall costs

Real life case-in-point: Major motion picture handled a mid-flight loss of state tax incentives due to a new election and had to contest the decision of the governor while staying in good graces for the future and completing the film within budget – multi-angle solution.

Strategy Innovators partners have demonstrably applied the material taught to rapidly and confidentially organize and shoot a documentary expedition to be the first team to dive outside cages at night with the most dangerous sharks in the world…www.allfinson.com. Shoot encompassed both commercial risks and risk to life.

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