2. “Sharp Arrow” – How to Generate New Business

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Sharp Arrow – How to Generate New Business
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The most difficult part of sales for most people is getting a conversation started with a qualified prospect. The best way to start these conversations is to sell “sharp arrows,” which is a combination of the product sold and how it is presented. A sharp arrow is a solution and benefit offered for sale that, with little explanation, fills a recognized need important enough for a person you have not met before to consider buying from you. It involves both offering superior solutions and, more commonly in real life sales problem solving, making existing product solutions as sharp as they can be by identifying and leveraging core differentiators at the point of sale – differentiators that may not be obvious even to the companies selling them. The core philosophy is that no individual is so busy or so important that he will not take the call of another person who he believes may have a solution for a recognized priority need.

Benefits you can expect to see:

  1. More solicited sales opportunities with qualified prospects
  2. Sales opportunities initiated directly with decision-makers
  3. Superior marketing material that leverages sales-level first-contact innovation

Real life case-in-point: Despite all the money well-invested in performance on a sports car and necessary to even be in the game, the actual core differentiator at the point of many sales was the superior cup holder design

Strategy Innovators partners have pioneered many new market initiatives by repositioning product solutions at the sales level to address priorities not fully considered by the owning organizations. He has demonstrably used sharp arrow techniques to conduct cold calling campaigns in Japan and to set meetings even at the CIA – two places notoriously resistant to unsolicited contacts.

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