Outpacing the Competition How to Leverage Intellectual Property

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Outpacing the
Competition How to Leverage Intellectual Property
Intellectual property has two sides. One is to protect your good ideas, especially those that make good sharp arrows at the point of sale see Sharp Arrow page. The second is to recognize what benefits will matter at the point of sale so that you can properly protect the features associated with it. Many businesses, even when they succeed on the innovation front and have all the potential to succeed on the sales front, fail because they do not properly protect their intellectual property and find it copied or designed around by others. Intellectual property protection can be handled through creative legal and commercial strategies to achieve better protections within the available budgets. The core philosophy is to design your business to succeed without intellectual property so that intellectual property you secure is a bonus to your strength and not as too many organizations use it a crutch to protect unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Benefits you can expect to see:

  1. Traditional IP strategy review of freedom of operation and global protections
  2. IP protections oriented on the customer experience of associated product solutions
  3. IP fallback options therefore reduced risk and lower costs

Real life case-in-point: Embarked upon dozens of high-stakes endeavors on behalf of very large clients to challenge the validity of any intellectual property, enough so to recognize that there is no such thing as a secure intellectual property position if an enterprise does not have other points of advantage to fall back upon.

Strategy Innovator partners have demonstrably influenced many multi-billion dollar IP-based decisions.

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