Strategy Innovators


Strategy Innovators helps to create solutions for your most difficult enterprise challenges

Strategy Innovators is a training and consulting company focused on three business needs:

  1. How to think strategically
  2. How to generate new business
  3. How to protect and leverage intellectual property

These are three of the core needs of any enterprise seeking to capture opportunity and make the best use of limited resources. Strategy Innovators addresses each need within a training program or as advisory consulting engagements that offer training benefits.

If you know you should think strategically and are not sure if you are doing so; if you find it challenging to even start sales conversations, let alone close sales; if you have something good going and want to make sure you can keep the copycats at bay; and if no one else has a solution, then give us a call.
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Robert Cantrell, Principal Strategy Innovators
2003 book about a popular but often misunderstood strategy text